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08-29  Troop Meeting PD: Titan & Gladiator
08-31  Leaders Planning Meeting
09-05 - 01-17  Troop Meeting PD: Jaguar
09-09  Haunted Forest Planning Meeting
09-12  Troop Meeting PD: Cobra
09-12  Senior Patrol Board Interviews
09-19  Troop Meeting PD: Poseidon
09-24  Haunted Forest Building
09-26  Troop Meeting PD: Dragon Slayer
10-01  Haunted Forest Building
10-03  Troop Meeting PD: Dark Sabers
10-07  Pioneering/BBQ/Beach Day
10-08  Haunted Forest Building
10-10  Troop Meeting
10-10  Troop Meeting
10-13  Pumpkin Unloading
10-15  Haunted Forest Building
10-17  Troop Meeting PD: Titan & Gladiator
10-24  Troop Meeting PD: Jaguar
10-31  Troop Meeting PD: Cobra
11-02  Popcorn Orders are Due
11-07  Troop Meeting PD: Poseidon
11-14  Troop Meeting PD: Dragon Slayer
11-28  Troop Meeting PD: Dark Sabers
12-05  Troop Meeting
12-12  Troop Meeting PD: Titan & Gladiator
12-19  Troop Meeting PD: Jaguar
01-09  Troop Meeting PD: Cobra
01-16  Troop Meeting PD: Poseidon
01-23  Troop Meeting PD: Dragon Slayer
01-30  Court of Honor
02-03  Camp Card sales Start
02-06  Troop Meeting PD: Dark Sabers
02-11  Scout Sunday
02-13  Troop Meeting
02-20  Troop Meeting PD: Jaguar
02-27  Troop Meeting PD: Cobra
03-01  Palmetto/Pinecrest/Cutler Bay Relay for Life
03-02  Pinecrest bike day
03-03  Pioneer Days Color Guard
03-06  Troop Meeting PD: Poseidon
03-13  Troop Meeting PD: Dragon Slayer
03-20  Troop Meeting PD: Dark Sabers
04-03  Troop Meeting
04-10  Troop Meeting PD: Jaguar
04-17  Troop Meeting PD: Cobra
04-22  Baynanza
04-24  Troop Meeting PD: Poseidon
05-01  Troop Meeting PD: Dragon Slayer
05-08  Troop Meeting PD: Dark Sabers
05-15  Troop meeting


None are scheduled.


10-20 - 10-22  Camp Elmore


None are scheduled.


09-15 - 09-17  OA Fall Ordeal
10-21  Haunted Forest
01-12 - 01-14  OA Winter Ordeal


02-03 - 02-04  Barefoot Mailman Hike
02-08 - 02-11  Woodbadge Course Weekend #1
02-22 - 02-25  Woodbadge Course Weekend #2
03-10 - 03-11  Merit Badge College
04-14  Webelos Woods Weekend


None are scheduled.

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Another summer has passed and the boys at our troop have put another summer camp under their belts. Camp Rainy Mountain is located in northern Georgia and was the destination of our scouts.

This year there was a change to the usual arrangement of reaching a summer camp which used to be an entire day on a train straight there. The scouts took a bus to the summer camp and ended up staying a night in Atlanta. While there they visited the Coca Cola Museum where, that’s right, they tried a variety of different brands of coke and when they left they each received a souvenir glass coke bottle. After leaving the museum the scouts arrived at a large camp nestled within the mountains containing a very large lake.

There were many merit badge classes available at Rainy Mountain but the class they were renown for were their water activities. To put that lake to good use Rainy Mountain has merit badge classes for excellent fishing, sailing, canoeing, and swimming. The merit badge counselors there have been reported to have been great at executing classes and getting along with the scouts.

A special shout out to the scouts of the Falcon Patrol who participated in the Gold Rush High Adventure activity. The Gold Rush is an activity where the scouts stay the week in a separate part of camp doing their merit badges but had to reenact a year in the 1800’s while doing so. Some of these reenactments resulted in the scouts learning how to blacksmith and other interesting activities. Congratulations Falcons!

Thank you Christine Boldt for organizing this event.


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12-20 JUN 2010


Camp Rainey Mountan
1494 Rainey Mountain Road, Clayton, GA, 30525


What: Summer Camp for Troop 457
When: June 13-19, 2010
Where: Camp Rainey Mountain, Northern Georgia
Who: Scouts and leaders from Troop 457
How: Sign up at the Monday meetings so we can assure your spots
Deposit: Deposit of $100 is due before January 25th, 2010
Payments are needed by the following dates:
- Deposit of $100 by January 25th, 2010
- Payment #2 of $100 due in February 2010
- Payment #3 of $100 due in March 2010
- Payment #4 of $100 due in April 2010
- Final payment of the balance is due in May 2010

ALL FEES HAVE TO BE PAID TO THE CAMP IN MAY (Estimated cost at this time are $500-525 for the scouts and $400-425 for the leaders)

Transportation:Air transportation is what has been agreed upon to Atlanta. Exact number of people that are going to fly is necessary to secure the number of seats. So, if you are planning on driving up yourself, please indicate on the sign up sheet so we do not obtain a plane ticket for you. Bus transportation is necessary from the airport to the camp itself….this will be included in the troop fee for the group.

Logistics: Get to Atlanta airport by noon on Sunday, June 13th. Bus will pick up campers and gear to take to Camp Rainey Mountain. Bus will pick up campers at Rainey Mountain on Saturday, June 19th to take back to Atlanta airport.

Camp Schedule: Camp is from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning. Scouts schedules will have to be determined and sent to the camp in Marchl 2010. Several high adventures are available for scouts over 13-14 years old.

Extra: Thursday afternoon the camp has time for a trip to the Nantahala River for rafting. The cost of the rafting and the transportation is included in the troop camp fees.

Medical Forms: Medical forms are required by all scout and leaders who will be attending camp

Email Christine Boldt at christine@afifnet.org or call 305-297-6603
Email Denise Groves at dgroves64@yahoo.com




Christine Boldt

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