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08-29  Troop Meeting PD: Titan & Gladiator
08-31  Leaders Planning Meeting
09-05 - 01-17  Troop Meeting PD: Jaguar
09-09  Haunted Forest Planning Meeting
09-12  Troop Meeting PD: Cobra
09-12  Senior Patrol Board Interviews
09-19  Troop Meeting PD: Poseidon
09-24  Haunted Forest Building
09-26  Troop Meeting PD: Dragon Slayer
10-01  Haunted Forest Building
10-03  Troop Meeting PD: Dark Sabers
10-07  Pioneering/BBQ/Beach Day
10-08  Haunted Forest Building
10-10  Troop Meeting
10-10  Troop Meeting
10-13  Pumpkin Unloading
10-15  Haunted Forest Building
10-17  Troop Meeting PD: Titan & Gladiator
10-24  Troop Meeting PD: Jaguar
10-31  Troop Meeting PD: Cobra
11-02  Popcorn Orders are Due
11-07  Troop Meeting PD: Poseidon
11-14  Troop Meeting PD: Dragon Slayer
11-28  Troop Meeting PD: Dark Sabers
12-05  Troop Meeting
12-12  Troop Meeting PD: Titan & Gladiator
12-19  Troop Meeting PD: Jaguar
01-09  Troop Meeting PD: Cobra
01-16  Troop Meeting PD: Poseidon
01-23  Troop Meeting PD: Dragon Slayer
01-30  Court of Honor
02-03  Camp Card sales Start
02-06  Troop Meeting PD: Dark Sabers
02-11  Scout Sunday
02-13  Troop Meeting
02-20  Troop Meeting PD: Jaguar
02-27  Troop Meeting PD: Cobra
03-01  Palmetto/Pinecrest/Cutler Bay Relay for Life
03-02  Pinecrest bike day
03-03  Pioneer Days Color Guard
03-06  Troop Meeting PD: Poseidon
03-13  Troop Meeting PD: Dragon Slayer
03-20  Troop Meeting PD: Dark Sabers
04-03  Troop Meeting
04-10  Troop Meeting PD: Jaguar
04-17  Troop Meeting PD: Cobra
04-22  Baynanza
04-24  Troop Meeting PD: Poseidon
05-01  Troop Meeting PD: Dragon Slayer
05-08  Troop Meeting PD: Dark Sabers
05-15  Troop meeting


None are scheduled.


10-20 - 10-22  Camp Elmore


None are scheduled.


09-15 - 09-17  OA Fall Ordeal
10-21  Haunted Forest
01-12 - 01-14  OA Winter Ordeal


02-03 - 02-04  Barefoot Mailman Hike
02-08 - 02-11  Woodbadge Course Weekend #1
02-22 - 02-25  Woodbadge Course Weekend #2
03-10 - 03-11  Merit Badge College
04-14  Webelos Woods Weekend


None are scheduled.

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Thank you Ed DeAguiar for organizing this event.


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09-11 APR 2010


Canoe Outpost - Peace River
2816 NW County Road 661, Arcadia, FL, 34266


Basically, we can come in anytime on Friday although my understanding is that we probably won't have anybody arriving until early afternoon. You will need to check-in and pay at the front office upon arrival. We will be in group area #6 reserved under Troop 457. The camping fee is $10.00/person/night.

Please allow room around the shelter and the fire circle when pitching your tents since these will be the group congregating areas.

Meals: by patrol (pack a picnic lunch for Saturday)

Sat./Sun breakfast option: The campground offers a breakfast at the “dance hall” for $4-$5 for those that want to take advantage.

Canoe Trip info:

We will be using "Canoe Outpost" ( http://www.canoeoutpost.com/Peace/index.htm ). They are located adjacent to the campground & we are scheduled for the 9am check-in for the Brownsville to Canoe Outpost run (approx. 8-9 miles , 3-4 hour trip ). This will give us plenty of time to stop along the way, eat lunch, and hunt for fossils in shallow areas. We'll need to leave our campsites by 8:45am so that we have time to pay, get life-preservers, etc. The rate is $35.00 per canoe. As we need to pay as a group, I would like for a representative from each patrol to get the final head/canoe counts, collect the fees and give me a final tally/ payment. It would be ideal to have this squared away on Friday night if possible.

The game plan is to at least have the patrols stick together on the trip down the river, hence please work together to "launch" in this fashion so that you're not separated - definitely don’t want younger scouts going solo. Each patrol needs to have an adult assigned/responsible for keeping track of their scouts during the canoeing aspect. We'll work to coordinate this at the launch ramp in Brownsville.

The water level is 3’ above normal and dropping- good for canoeing - not "great for fossil hunting" but improving!
(the website water level info hasn’t been updated).

We need a count for the total # of canoes required to ensure that we're covered. We've reserved 25 and need to advise them if we need more or less ASAP! Please e-mail me with a headcount so I can adjust the quantity if necessary. Keep in mind that seating capacity for the canoes is two (seats) plus one child in the middle on the floor.
See their helpful hints link for more info! : http://www.canoeoutpost.com/Peace/prdayhints.htm

Easiest way for me to manage to headcount / canoe tally for the final reservations is if you e-mail me:
Scout / Parent Name(s) that will be canoeing:
Total # of canoes required:

I’ll assume 2 people per canoe unless otherwise specified.

Based on the above total cost for Fri/Sat night camping + canoe will be $37.50/person.

Please try to relay this info back by Thursday morning latest if at all possible!. Thanks!!!

Please give me a call if you should have any questions.


Ed De Aguiar
Cell: 786-493-6714

Driving directions to Peace River Campground :

From: Kendall, Miami
To: 2998 Nw Highway 70 Arcadia, FL 34266-5439 US

Driving Directions
(Mapquest gives a route using Krome Ave to get to US-27, but you can skip steps 1-5 and catch US-27 by taking the initial leg of I-75 off the Palmetto, and exit onto US-27N / FL 25-N before the Alligator Alley tollbooth!!!).

1.-5. : take I-75 (off Palmetto or Turnpike) and exit onto US-27N/FL 25-N before the Alligator Alley tollbooth!!!).
6. Turn LEFT onto W OKEECHOBEE RD/US-27 N/FL-25 N. Continue to follow US-27 N/FL-25 N. (121.57 miles)
7. Turn LEFT onto FL-70 W. (35.26 miles)
8. End at 2998 Nw Highway 70 Arcadia, FL 34266-5439 US
Total Estimated Time: 4 hours, 0 minutes
Total Distance: 185.57 miles




Ed DeAguiar

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